30 October 2008

Woices.com - Echoes Mapped (Beta)

Woices.com - Echoes Mapped (Beta)

Woices.com - Echoes Mapped (Beta)

Brand New Google Map Mash-up with a twist. Mapping Echoes across the World.

Woices.com - Echoes Mapped - The Map

What is woices?

"Woices.com is a FREE internet service that allows people to create, share and consume echoes, audio records that are linked to a very specific geographical location or real-world object. Woices ultimate goal is to extend reality by creating a new layer of audio information, what we call the echoesphere, that will make the world a more interesting place."

What is an echo?

"Echoes are words, left by one person at some precise place, that can be later listened to by anyone, as if their author was still there. Echoes can be about anything you want, from history, art or curiosities to personal memories or advices. An echo can even a poem."

There are three ways of locating echoes:
  • Using the Map. Select 'Map' in the 'Explore' tab. A full screen map will appear. Next to the map there will always be a list with the most popular echoes for the region viewed. Zoom in as much as you need to locate the echoes. Remeber that using the search box that comes inside the map is always a shortcut.
  • Browsing the Directory. Select 'Directory' from the 'Explore' tab. The directory allows you to quickly select a location by going through its continent, country, area and finally location.
  • Use the search box. On the top right corner of the page you will find a search box that can help you to quickly locate any echo.

The Basics
The Help
The Map

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