16 July 2008

BBC Sport's Olympic Map Released

update in blue (see below)
BBC Sport's Olympic Map Released

BBC Sport's Olympic Map 2008
BBC Sport has a nice custom maps using Microsoft Virtual Earth.
Image Source:Firefox screenshot of BBC Sport's Olympic Map

BBC Sport's Olympic map for the 2008 Beijing Games.

How to use the map
Sport icon
Yellow sport icons indicate venues
Click to find out more about a venue
Landmark icon
Blue icons indicate landmarks
Click to find out more about places in Beijing
Blog icon
Red icons indicate blog posts
Click to read an Olympics blog post
Twitter icon
Green icons are Twitter posts
Click for an update from a BBC journalist

Image Source:BBC Sport
There are more than 30 venues in Beijing.
Sailing in Qingdao on China's north-east coast.
Equestrian sports in Hong Kong, to the south.

Clicking different icons allows to find more information about venues.

• Find out more about the 37 Chinese Olympic venues

• Read articles from journalists on BBC Sport's Olympics blog

• Read Twitter updates from BBC Sport's journalists in China

The BBC would like feedback...
We would like to hear your feedback on our Olympic map - you can leave your comments on BBC Sport's Olympics blog.

This Map was created using the Virtual Earth API and Custom Maps added using MapCruncher.
If you are interested in the methodology of how this has been created here is a good starting point.
"The inclement weather and a thick cloud layer over Beijing for the last few MONTHS, it has been incredibly difficult to get good satellite imagery. This makes the MapCruncher overlays a huge benefit to the application. The imagery we’re serving up was taken just a few months ago - obviously tons of progress has been made to the get the stadiums ready for August, but what a great addition to compliment the Virtual Earth platform"

View the Map

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At Wednesday, July 16, 2008 7:32:00 pm, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

It's looking good. I have some problems with the map in FireFox. I can't drag the map vertically as it keep resetting to the same longitude. Horizontal dragging works fine and the vertical scoll button works fine.

I'd also like to see a Bird's Eye option.


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