09 April 2008

Yahoo Go! 3 (Beta) Maps Updated

Yahoo Go Beta 3 Maps updated

Yahoo go beta 3.0.18

Yahoo Go 3 beta is now on version

Yahoo Go Maps Directions
Directions are now supported across borders - UK & France

Yahoo Go Maps Directions Overview
UK has Driving directions overviews (quickest/shortest who knows?)

More Yahoo Go Maps Directions
Hybird and Satellite modes are available.

Downside - on the N82 with auto-rotate Yahoo Go! Beta complains it cannot display in Landscape mode on the Phone - weird.

Google Maps Mobile supports this

Google Maps Mobile Directions

Google Maps can cope with Auto-Rotation on Nokia N82's

Yes still in Beta, there is still room for improvements. Both Google Maps and Yahoo do not have traffic information for UK or Europe, maybe take this out of the options when you have selected a European Location as default?

Nokia N82 users there was firmware updated made available 08/04/2008 (version 20).


The 108.2mb update - mainly includes Flash lite support and adds GPS location (geotagging) to photographs you take (provoided you have a good GPS fix).

So now you can view stickpeople fighting....

Stickemen Fight on the N82
Flash is now available for N82 users.

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