25 March 2008

MetaCarta - GeoSearch News

MetaCarta Launches New Web Site that Collects Local News from Around the World and Visually Displays it on a Map

Meta Carta GeoSearch News
Geographical Search News: http://geosearch.metacarta.com/

GeoSearch News lets users specify their place-of-interest by entering a place name in a text box or panning/zooming a map to a desired place or region. Users can refine their search by simply repositioning the map. Search results are presented in order of relevance as determined by a combination of keyword(s) and the specified geography.

“GeoSearch News is an entirely new way for people to find news on the web.
It combines the unique power of geographic search with keyword search and is the single place to find current news stories, from a wide variety of sources, about any place, quickly.”

MetaCarta Press Release

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