17 November 2007

Google UK Carbon Footprint Project Map

Google UK Carbon Footprint Project Map

Google UK - The Carbon Footprint Project Map

Google Aims
"Google aims to help people find information that matters to them quickly and easily. Through the UK Carbon Footprint Project we make information on calculating and reducing your carbon footprint, as well as information on climate change in the UK, easily accessible to everyone"

The project enables you to calculate your carbon footprint, choose personalised carbon-reducing actions and compare your footprint and actions to those of others around the country by placing yourself on the Google UK Carbon Footprint Map.

The Map

Use the Google UK Carbon Footprint Map to find resources and facts about the UK’s carbon emissions and climate change. They have worked with partners to create special layers for the map which will show information such as recycling rates of local councils, heat map images of famous buildings, where your nearest recycling points are and predicted future weather under different carbon emission scenarios.

Google UK - The Carbon Footprint Project Map - Waste

The map also shows everyone taking part across the country, making it easy to see how individual actions add up to make a difference. The constantly updated project statistics will show how many people are taking part and the total carbon saved. To show the real impact of what is achieved, the carbon saving will be compared to carbon emissions of places across the country, effectively "wiping out" the carbon emissions of towns and cities.

Questions your be asked on your impact.

For Schools (Carbon Footprint Projects)

If everyone does there bit - it might just work.

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At Sunday, November 18, 2007 10:45:00 am, Blogger Simon said...

Good site, will forward it about. However, please note, that if youve already set up a nice IGoogle page, this will completly wipe it and create its own Carbon one instead. Looking back, it does mention this, but not that clearly


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