28 November 2007

Google Maps Terrain

Google Maps API users will be pleased to know the Terrain Layer will be available.
Sneek Peek

But wait for the official blog post...
(ok maybe not wait)

Google Maps Terrain
Google Maps Terrain - The Alps
A nice new visual layer called 'Terrain' a physical representation of the ground and elevation
Google Maps Terrain - New York
Large U.S. Cities have Oblique 2.5D Buildings in Terrain Mode.
But where is the Hybrid Mode gone?
Google incorporated the hybrid feature into the satellite mode. Just click Satellite and then you’ll see the checkbox appear which says “show labels.” If the box is checked roads/streets will be labeled just as Hybrid mode.

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At Wednesday, February 06, 2008 7:46:00 pm, Blogger wiki de ridder said...

im a noob, but can i use that in google earth too?


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