15 November 2007

Google Directions Tweak

Google Directions Tweak - Non Stop

The Google Directions with the draggable route (auto-recalculates your route) has had a tweak.
When you now drag the route and release at a location there is no longer an intermediate stop marker added. This makes a small but very good improvement on the results of the directions.

here is a quick example sw1 to sw2 and re-routed
Google Maps Drag Directions Update Tweak

Google Maps Drag Directions Update Tweak - Non Stop
see the route, now excludes a stop so directions are more accurate.

Simple but very useful.

Official blog post on this

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At Tuesday, March 17, 2009 10:13:00 pm, Blogger kiss0713 said...

I cannot drag a new direction to and ending point. The blue line goes about 90% of the new direction and then defaults back to the original one.


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