12 November 2007

Bird Flu Map - Hits UK Norfolk/Suffolk

Bird Flu - Hits UK Norfolk/Suffolk

"Further restrictions are being put in place in a wider area surrounding the infected premises near Diss as a precautionary measure.

In consultation with ornithologists and other experts, a wider Restricted Zone has been established in addition to the controls put in place earlier today; i.e. the 3 km Protection Zone and 10 km Surveillance Zone around the Infected Premises. The new Restricted Zone covers much of Norfolk and the whole of Suffolk.

This is still an early stage in the outbreak. The new Restricted Zone requires the isolation of poultry from wild birds. Movements within this zone can take place, but movements are not permitted out of the new zone at present. We expect to make available general licences for low risk movements out of the zone shortly.

No movements of poultry are permitted at present in the 3km and 10km zones around the Infected Premises.

These measures are a precaution while the results of further laboratory tests and investigations into the outbreak are awaited.

In addition, the national general licence permitting bird gatherings in England has been revoked, and bird shows and pigeon racing will not be permitted for the time being.

As further information becomes available, and in consultation with ornithological and other experts, the restrictions in place may be adjusted."

Advice from the Food Standards Agency remains that properly cooked poultry and poultry products, including eggs, are safe to eat

Based on the information from the Defra Website and BBC News

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3KM Restriction Zone
10KM Surveillance
(Subject to change)

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