07 September 2007

VeoGeo Map (Video & Map Tracking)

VeoGeo Map (Video & Map Tracking)

VeoGeo Video Map Tracking

VeoGeo takes video sharing to the next level. Now you can map the activities you video, and share even more of the experience!

See what people from around the world are doing, and see where they’re doing it!

  • Capture your outdoor activities on your video camera
  • Capture a GPS record at the same time
  • Upload them to VeoGeo and share them with the world
This could take off with GPS and Video Capture on Mobile Phones.
The N95 could be used in conjunction with Sports Tracker and the 5 mega pixel camera.

VeoGeo Video Geotagged Map

As the video is played the map has a route and marker that moves in relation to the geographic position in the video. A nice touch is the graph that shows both speed/acceleration and elevation.

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