27 September 2007

Hotmap - Virtual Earth Users Map

Hotmap - A good way to show your Virtual Earth (Live Maps) user base.

Hotmap Virtual Earth Users
This data is based on a sample of tile logs on servers from January through July of 2006.
It combines server hits from road, aerial, and hybrid imagery in one view.
  • Zoom in and out with the control widget in the top left. You can also zoom in by double-clicking the mouse; and zoom in or out with the mouse wheel.
  • Pan by clicking and dragging on the map surface.
  • Inspect a specific point by right-clicking. It shows the exact imagery available at the point clicked, at the current data level.
  • Works in FireFox too!
"Hotmap shows where people have looked at when using Virtual Earth, the engine that powers Live Search Maps: the darker a point, the more times it has been downloaded. Each square represents one unit of imagery, called a "tile". When the program starts, it shows tiles at zoom level 11, which has tiles at a resolution of 74 meters-per-pixel. At the closest in, Virtual Earth has tiles at zoom level 19, 0.3 meters-per-pixel. You can look at higher- or lower-resolution points with the "select data level" indicator at the top."


Now it would be good to see results from Yahoo Maps, Multimap, Google Maps and others...

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