20 September 2007

ArcWeb Explorer (Beta) 2.0

ArcWeb Explorer (Beta) 2.0
ArcWeb Explorer 2.0 application, which offers powerful Web map rendering with desktop-like functionality.

ArcWeb Explorer 2 (beta) - Rotated Map
source: ESRI

The rotating map is a clever bit of code - the text flips (renders) itself when it goes beyond 180 degrees.

ArcWeb Explorer 2.0 Application

ArcWeb Explorer 2.0 Flex API

ArcWeb Explorer 2.0 JavaScript API

Exposes ArcWeb Services functionality through easy-to-use widgets

Enables developers to build and/or customize applications

Offers the use of a powerful subset of ArcWeb Services functionality

Offers the ability to quickly find locations, pan and zoom, and choose a map type Provides access to all ArcWeb Services Provides access to ArcWeb Services content
Provides access to street, street tile, aerial imagery, hybrid (integrated street and aerial), shaded relief, and topographic maps Allows for easy and powerful ArcWeb integration inside Adobe Flex Builder Enables easy integration of mapping functionality and content into HTML Web applications
NOTE: The Flex API is designed specifically for use within Adobe Flex 2. The JavaScript and Flex APIs are not designed for use within Adobe Flash Professional.
source: ESRI

To use this service you will be required to login in.
ArcWeb 2.0 Home Page

ArcWeb Explorer JavaScript Example
JavaScript Sample

ArcWeb Explorer Flex Example
Flex Example

Both have the code generated on the fly - therefore it is faster to get up and running with your own apps and data.

Is this to challenge the likes of Google Maps, Virtual Earth and Yahoo Maps API's?
We will see...


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At Thursday, September 20, 2007 3:36:00 pm, Blogger thunderhead said...

Cool post - check out my post where you will find tips and tricks on how to use AWX.


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