04 June 2007

The Carbon Footprint Map - UK

The Carbon Footprint Map for the UK

By viewing the map you can see how much CO2 is emitted across the UK.


The darker colours indicate higher density of Carbon Emissions All measurements are in tonnes of CO2 source emissions per square kilometre.
Values are:


>0 - 3

>3 - 10

>10 - 32

>32 - 100

>100 - 1,995

>1,995 - 6,500,000
Carbon Map - London
(other areas are available)
"The Carbon Map was created by AEA Energy & Environment, which compiles annual emission estimates from a large number of sources and fuels as part of the National Atmospheric Emission Inventory (NAEI) programme of work for Defra. These estimates are available down to the square kilometre level, which is the detail shown in the national and regional CO2 emission maps."
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At Thursday, July 05, 2007 7:51:00 am, Blogger Manu said...

Hi! I found that interesting! Can you cite some methods by which they actually map atmospheric carbon and other emissions?

Thanks in advance,


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