30 January 2007

Spatial Join (Analysis) Returns to ArcGIS

Spatial Join returns to ArcGIS 9.2, This function has been missing since ArcView 3.x, which is a much needed function in the GIS field.

This geoprocessing function is found in Analysis Tools>Overlay>Spatial Join

Please note this function is not Spatial Join by attributes as in previous versions of ArcGIS nor the Join on the tables.

This Spatial Join (Analysis) is by the features location.
"Creates a table join in which fields from one layer's attribute table are appended to another layer's attribute table based on the relative locations of the features in the two layers."

There is are three very powerful new functions also available in this example.
This quick example is setting up the Spatial Join selecting the Rivers that fall with different countries and assigning the river with a country name using intersect
Data is from the ESRI DVD World Data that was shipped with ArcGIS 9.2

Spatial Join (Analysis) Window
The spatial join using one to many on intersect features

Spatial Join (Analysis)in Model Builder
Using the Model Builder to create this process (yes there are new funky shapes in model builder)

Spatial Join (Analysis)in Iteration Mode Model Builder

Model of Spatial Join but with 3 Iterations using values in the search radius (10, 20, 30 kilometres are examples)

The batch can be created by right clicking the saved model and selecting batch.
More info on batch set ups here

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