24 October 2006

Locale Mapping

Some clever programming and integrating of API's to generate random days out with suggestions of things to do and see. Geotagging, directions, photographs, information about the area and a map using Microsoft Live Local

Locale random day out with map.

"I've created a mashup called Locale at http://www.randomdayout.co.uk which is a random day out generator! Virtual Earth is its key component though it uses a number of other APIs. Basically, you enter a postcode, when you want to go out and the type of things you like doing/eating. It then suggests your day out and you can get get local info/weather/geotagged photos of the each location. It was designed for (and works best in) the UK, but also works in Australia, the USA and Canada. It was designed for fun but could turn into something quite useful!
Paul Clarke


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